A Triumph for democracy

A recent review of teachers who are BNP members or affiliated with similar organisations within England has ruled that membership of such organisations alone is not substantial enough grounds for dismissal.

Now I am no supporter of the British National Party, nor do I condone any of their far right policies but it is very obvious to see when people's freedoms and rights are being quashed in order to disperse a radical thought, the 12th of March 2010 is not one of those occasions. 

When the BNP membership list was revealed it was very easy for people to dehumanise BNP members with comments on their racism and the Nazi-esque mannerisms.  Later on in the week it was revealed that some of these members were policemen, teachers and doctors and there was an outcry in the press for these equally hard working members of society to lose their jobs.  It is understandable if you are of an ethnic minority and I can fully understand a migrant family wanting to pull their child from a class of a teacher who appears on the list, but before anybody reacts you must think about what Hitler did. Anybody who did not think the way he wanted them to think lost their jobs and had to be registered. If Nazism were not promoted in the classroom the teachers would face disciplinary action or lose their jobs. This is exactly some peoples approach to the BNP.

The act of repression in itself is incredibly right wing and would be a very slippery slope.  We educate and inform and we have equality laws but the idea of turning Britain in to an authoritarian state to stop the next Hitler is ludicrous.

I would much prefer people to have a right to say whatever they wish in their private lives.  This is a free country and being a bigot is not illegal nor should it be.  It is the racist attack that is the illegal act.

If someone really truly believes that immigrants are ruining the country but does not let this interfere with their profession then they are perfectly entitled to the job.  On the other hand if a teacher were to teach hate, spread ignorance or bend the truth to affect the minds of others then they should face the wrath of the law.  This should be true in all aspects of the teaching profession.

If a teacher were to push communism or republican ideas on to their students as fact then they too should be prosecuted.  Teachers should be impartial and unbiased in all things.  I would go as far as to say that teachers who praise the incumbent prime minister in their classroom are also acting illegally.  We should not push children into political beliefs but rather let them come to it naturally.  Being a member of a political party does not mean that all your time is spent brainwashing people.

It is very easy to act irrationally and jump to conclusions but freedom of speech is one of our most important rights and no matter what people say we cannot persecute them purely for believing differently from us.




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