Understand the various perspectives in employee relations.

The following topic forms part of the Unit Aspects of Employment Law.

Understand the various perspectives in employee relations:

Establishing employee relations: types of contracts; joint decision making; joint problem solving; appraisals;performance management; social responsibility and employee welfare; dispute resolution (trade unions,employment tribunals, ACAS, staff associations).

Employee welfare: Working Time Regulations; medical schemes; health and safety; occupational health screening; redundancy counselling; retirement preparation; pensions, loans; benevolent funds; assistance with housing costs; travel; personal problems; crèches and nursery schemes; job share; flexible working.

Remuneration: salary and wages; time rate systems; payment-by-results systems; incentive schemes;skills-based payment systems; high day rate systems and measured day work; salary and wage structure;reward systems; additions to basic pay eg overtime, bonuses, special allowances; income tax; NI contribution; other stoppages; major influences on pay eg bargaining strengths of trade unions, inflation,productivity, EU legislation, customs and practices, competition, labour market conditions, government policies, organisation and technological changes.

Policies for wages and pay: purpose of policies eg to attract, retain and reward employees, recognition of value, employee shares in prosperity of the organisation, balance of costs throughout the organisation,legal obligations, motivation.

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