Aspects of the Law of Tort.

One of seven optional Units towards your BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Law.

This unit is designed to build on the material on negligence in Aspects of Legal Liability, which should be completed before starting this unit.

This unit considers several areas of the law of tort, including negligence, nuisance, occupiers’ liability and the rule in Rylands v Fletcher. Each of these areas needs to be understood, applied to problem situations and evaluated in light of the changing nature of the law and of the refining of the principles involved.

There are three specific areas of negligence to be considered – economic loss, negligent misstatements, and psychiatric harm. These areas build on the basic law of negligence that needs to be understood as are the underpinning concepts of duty breach and damage.

Each specific area has developed its own peculiarities. The development of the law over recent years will help to give an overview of the direction the law is taking. It is interesting to compare the results of the statutory approach to occupiers’ liability and the subsequent case law, with the common law development of these areas of law.

The final learning outcome looks at the areas of nuisance and the rule in Rylands v Fletcher. This is the only area of the unit where the defences need to be considered. The application of the defences is central to the use of land and a full evaluation of the law requires an understanding of these defences. Remedies are also considered.


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