Know the regulations regarding the detention of suspected offenders.

The following topic forms part of the Unit Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers.

Know the regulations regarding the detention of suspected offenders:

Arrest with or without warrant: without by police and private citizen; reasonable grounds for suspicion;arrest with a warrant.

Other statutory rights of arrest: arrest as a preventative measure; breach of the peace; public order offences.

Time limits: explanation of time limits and extensions.

Rights of a detained person: right to have someone informed; right to legal advice; right to silence; DNA and other samples.

Police interviews: tape recording; rights of interviewee; appropriate adult; right to silence; searches;fingerprints and body samples; codes of practice.


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Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers

Aspects of Property Offences and Police Powers.

Contract Law

Consumer Law

Aspects of the Law of Tort.

Aspects of Employment Law.

Aspects of Family Law

Dispute solving in the Legal System (Mandatory)

Understanding Law Making (Mandatory)

Aspects of Legal Liability (Mandatory)

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