Understand the roles undertaken by the personnel of the courts

The following topic forms part of the Mandatory Unit Dispute Solving in the Legal System.

Understand the roles undertaken by the personnel of the courts

The legal profession (lawyers): work, training and regulation of barristers, solicitors, legal executives, paralegals; the Legal Services Ombudsman and complaints.

The judiciary: organisation; selection and appointment of judges; roles in civil and criminal cases; judicial independence and immunity; removal from office.

Lay people: Magistrates – selection and appointment; training; role and powers; jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases; removal; advantages and disadvantages; juries – qualifications and disqualification, selection and role, summoning, vetting and challenging, advantages and disadvantages.



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Units and Topics

The following units are part of the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Law course

Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers

Aspects of Property Offences and Police Powers.

Contract Law

Consumer Law

Aspects of the Law of Tort.

Aspects of Employment Law.

Aspects of Family Law

Dispute solving in the Legal System (Mandatory)

Understanding Law Making (Mandatory)

Aspects of Legal Liability (Mandatory)

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