A/S Sources of Law H134 G152

This unit will count towards the A/S qualification and involves studying the following areas of the law.

The final assessment opportunity these qualifications (H134,H534) will be summer 2018.  Resits will be available in summer 2019.


This unit is based on areas of knowledge and understanding of the English legal system. Candidates are expected to have knowledge and understanding of precedent, legislation, European Union law, and law reform.

This unit is concerned only with the law applicable in England and Wales, which includes, as far as the chosen topics of study are concerned, the impact of European Union law on domestic law and legal institutions.

Candidates will be required to support their knowledge by citation of relevant leading cases and the main provisions of relevant statutes.

While candidates are encouraged to be aware of the changing nature of law, they are not required to be familiar with innovations coming into effect in the twelve months immediately preceding the examination.


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