The following topics form part of the Sources of Law Unit at A/S.

Acts of  Parliament

Green Papers, White Papers, legislative stages in Parliament.

Delegated legislation

Orders in Council; statutory instruments; bylaws; control of delegated legislation including Parliamentary Scrutiny Committees and Judicial Review; reasons for delegating legislative powers.

Statutory interpretation

Literal rule, Golden rule, Mischief rule, purposive approach; rules of language; presumptions; intrinsic and extrinsic aids; effects of membership of the European Union on interpretation.



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Legislation - OCR: Unit G152 - Sources of Law (OCR AS/A2 English …Richard W M Priestley Kindle Edition

The Literal Rule;  The Golden Rule;The Mischief Rule; The Purposive Approach; Intrinsic Aids; Extrinsic Aids; Green Paper;
White Paper

 Statutory Interpretation by fade2dust YouTube

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