Human Rights Law: rules and theory

This area of law forms one of the two areas of law available for selection.

3.1 The rules and theory of human rights law


  •  The rules of human rights law and theory in human rights law; human rights and civil liberties, the meaning of rights
  •  The distinction between rights and liberties
  •  The role played by Parliament and the courts in their regulation
  •  The debate relating to the entrenched nature of the Human Rights Act 1998
  •  Protection of rights and liberties within the United Kingdom constitution
  •  The European Convention on Human Rights; history, scope and application of the European Convention on Human Rights
  •  The impact of the Human Rights Act 1998; a United Kingdom Bill of Rights
  •  Criticisms of human rights; entrenched nature of the HRA in the devolutionary settlements of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  •  The pervasive nature of law and society, law and morality and law and justice on human rights law


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