The Law of Tort

The following topics form part of Unit 2, Law in Action.

Introduction to Tort  An outline understanding of tort liability based on fault. Comparison of tort with crime.

Negligence An understanding of the following: duty of care; breach of duty of care; damage (limited to physical injury and damage to property); res ipsa loquitur; contributory negligence; occupiers’ liability; vicarious liability.

Trespass An understanding of the following: trespass to the person – assault, battery and false imprisonment; trespass to goods (interference with goods) – conversion and trespass to goods; trespass to land – comparison with private nuisance.

Nuisance An understanding of public nuisance – definition and methods of enforcement; private nuisance – definition and factors to consider (eg malice, reasonableness, repetition).

General Defences in Tort An outline understanding of the following: statutory authority; consent; inevitable accident; necessity; Act of God.

Remedies in Tort An outline understanding of the following: damages; injunction.



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