Bar professional training course

The bptc (formerly known as the bar vocational course) is intended to cover the vocational stage in a barrister's training.

The vocational stage in a barrister's training is based around the Bar Professional Training Course. It is vocational in nature therefore the course is practical and job related as opposed to academic. 

Particular skill areas are identified and these become part of the course.  Such areas will include drafting skills, legal research and advocacy. 

The course is available at a range of centres, which include the BPP Law School (Manchester, Leeds and London), Cardiff Law School, University of the West of England, Bristol. and other university linked centres offering vocational training courses.

The course is available either for one year on a full time basis or over two years if attendance is to be part time.

Once a student has passed the Bar Professional Trainin Course they are 'called to the Bar' which effectively means they have qualified as a barrister. 

Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) |

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