Case law

This is the process whereby the past decisions of judges create law for future judges to follow.


Case law (otherwise known as precedent) refers to laws which can be found in previous judicial decisions.

It is an important source of law and part of common law but is separate from statute law enacted by Parliament. Case law sets out the legal reasoning behind judicial decisions. It is law based upon decisions made by judges in the past.



Elizabeth Lee's appeal court success sets vital precedent

With reference to judicial precedent, outline what is meant by the following terms: 'hierarchy of the courts' 'ratio decidendi' and 'law reporting'. Essay

Outline the key features of judicial precedent. Essay.

Using the source and other cases to illustrate your answer describe persuasive precedent. Essay.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the doctrine of precedent. Essay.

Describe original precedent and overruling using the source and other cases to illustrate your answer. Essay.


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