Deputy district judge (magistrates' courts)

Deputy district judges (magistrates' courts) sit on a fee-paid basis in the magistrates' courts.

Deputy District judges (Magistrates' Courts), like Deputy District judges in the County Court, sit on a fee-paid basis in the magistrates' courts. They have the same jurisdiction as the District judge (Magistrates' Courts) hearing criminal cases, youth cases and some civil cases in the magistrates' court and dealing with the longer and more involved cases. During their time as Deputy District judge (Magistrates' Courts) their performance is assessed by experienced District judges (Magistrates' Courts) who will offer them guidance and support.

They are appointed by the Lord Chancellor after a fair and open competition administered by the Judicial Appointments Commission. They are usually practising barristers and solicitors experienced in criminal law and procedure.

All judges, when they are sworn in, must take two oaths/affirmations. The first is the oath of allegiance and the second the judicial oath; these are collectively referred to as the judicial oath.


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