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District judges deal with most of the civil and family cases in the county court.

District judges deal with most of the civil and family cases in the County Court they will also case-manage High Court cases in the district registries. They can hear cases in which the amount involved does not exceed £25,000.00.

They are appointed by the Queen following 'a fair and open competition' administered by the Judicial Appointments Commission. They will have a five year right of audience in relation to all proceedings in any part of the Supreme Court, or all proceedings in County Courts or Magistrates' courts. Applicants will usually have served as a Deputy District judge for two years or who have undertaken 30 sittings as a Deputy District judge. There are around 400 District judges.

When in open court District judges wear the civil robe introduced in October 2008, with blue tabs at the neck. They do not wear a wig

All judges, when they are sworn in, must take two oaths/affirmations. The first is the oath of allegiance and the second the judicial oath; these are collectively referred to as the judicial oath.


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