European ombudsman

The european ombudsman is an independent and impartial body that holds the eu administration to account.

Generally speaking an ombudsman is an official appointed to investigate complaints against a company or organization, especially a public authority. This description can also said to be correct when describing the position of Ombudsman established by The Treaty on European Union (Maastricht, 1992) to ensure 'sound administration and administrative transparency at EU institutional level.'

It is the duty of the European Parliament to elect the ombudsman. The first Ombudsman was elected in 1995, the latest Ombudsman to be elected is Emily O'Reilly who was elected in 2013. The European Ombudsman is committed to ensuring that citizens, associations and companies, know that they have the right to complain about maladministration in the EU institutions except for the Court of Justice of the European Union. The European Ombudsman is independent and impartial.

Complaints could be in respect of unfairness or discrimination or lack of transparency, but The European Ombudsman cannot investigate complaints against national, regional or local administrations in the Member States, even when the complaints are about EU matters. Complaints can be made directly to the Ombudsman or through an MEP.

The Ombudsman aims to resolve the matter amicably to begin with hoping to rectify the matter and satisfy the complainant. If conciliation fails, the Ombudsman can make recommendations for a solution to the case if these are not accepted by the institution, he can make a special report to the European Parliament.

The Ombudsman provides the European Parliament with a report on all his investigations each year.

European Ombudsman

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