Fast track

Fast track claims are for claims between ten thousand and twenty five thousand pounds. Legal representation is advisable.

Civil cases are allocated to one of three case management tracks. How they are allocated depends on;

  • the financial value of the case;
  • issues of law involved in the case;
  • and the estimated length of the case.

The three case management tracks are;

The fast track, considers cases of value between ten thousand and twenty five thousand pounds and which are more complicated than those for the small claims track. The claimant will receive instructions telling him what he has to provide, these instructions are called ‘Directions’. They will include dates when certain paperwork must be provided and when the case is going to be heard. Paperwork the court will ask for may include:

Disclosures - when each party is required to disclose any relevant documents to the other party. The list of documents can be inspected and copies requested if relevant.

Witness Statements - documents recording the evidence of someone and which is signed by that person to confirm that the statement is true. It provides written evidence to support a  case and if necessary it will be used as evidence in court.

Listing questionnaires - this takes the form of a checklist and the aim is to ensure everything is in place for the trial.

The claim will be heard by a judge in public, at the end of the hearing the judge will give his decision and will make an order for costs.


The Fast Track

How the court decides what to do with the case - Citizens Advice.



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