Hansard (official report)

Hansard is the official report of the proceedings of parliament.

Hansard is published daily when Parliament is sitting and records everything that is said and done in both the house of commons and House of Lords.  Seperate reports are issued for each House.

Since the House of Lord‘s ruling in Pepper v Hart (1993) which overruled Davis v Johnson (1967), subject to the limitations as to its use set out in the judgement, judges are permitted to resort to looking at the official report of Hansard to assist them in interpreting Acts of Parliament.  One such limitation being that the judges can only consider the government minister’s introductory statement made in support of the proposed legislation at the time it was introduced.

The name Hansard was officially adopted in 1943 after Luke Hansard (1752-1828) who was the printer of the House of Commons Journal from 1774.  

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