Heads of division and court of appeal judges

The judges sitting in the court of appeal consist of the heads of division as well as the lords justices of appeal.

The Court of Appeal has a Civil Division and a Criminal Division they hear appeals and for most cases are the final court of appeal although some cases can apply to the Supreme Court. The judges sitting in the Court of Appeal consist of the Heads of Division as well as the Lords Justices of Appeal. The Heads of Division are as follows:

  • The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales (the senior judge in the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal);

  • The Master of the Rolls (the senior judge in the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal);

  • The President of the Queen's Bench Division;

  • The President of the Family Division;

  • The Chancellor of the High Court.

The Lords Justices of Appeal, are addressed as “Lord/Lady Justice (Surname)” or “(Surname) LJ” for short.

Court of Appeal judges have the experience of a long career in the judiciary and are senior judges. They are appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of a selection panel. The Heads of Division are selected from the Lords Justices of Appeal, who are selected from the High Court judges.

All judges, when they are sworn in, must take two oaths/affirmations. The first is the oath of allegiance and the second the judicial oath; these are collectively referred to as the judicial oath.


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