Intrinsic aids

These are matters within the act itself which the court may look at when considering the meaning of the statute.

Intrinsic aids are sometimes also known as internal aids.  Internal in the sense of being part of the Act. 

Examples of intrinsic aids are the long title, the short title and the preamble (if any).  The long title may include a brief description or explanation of the purpose of the Statute.  The preamble sets out Parliament's intentions in passing the legislation.  Preambles are associated with older statutes, it is quite common for modern Acts not to have a preamble or only a very brief one which may less helpful.

Intrinsic aids extend to headings to part or sections of the Act as well as marginal notes explaining particular sections.  It is quite common for modern legislation to set out any detailed or technical provisions in schedules towards the end of the Act.

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