Lay off

A lay off is if you are told to stay at home for one full working day as there is not enough work for you to do.

If your employer doesn't have enough work for you, they may tell you to stay at home.

If you are off work for at least  one full working day, because your employer does not have enough work fo you, this is a lay-off.  In addition short time working occurs when employees are laid off for a number of contractual days each week, or for a number of hours during a working day.

If a lay off or short time situation continues for four consecutive weeks or for six weeks out of a thirteen week period then the employee in question can claim to be redundant. A notice to this effect must be given to the employer. This is not an end to the matter as the employer can counterclaim that there is evidence of a reasonable prospect of returning to a normal working week.

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