Legal executives

Legal executives work as assistants in solicitors' firms.

A Legal Executive does not have such wide rights of audience as solicitors, since 2008 legal executives have been able to do an advocacy course to get wider rights of audience.


In order to become a legal Executive both the Professional Diploma in Law and the Professional Higher Diploma in Law must be passed. The Professional Diploma in Law is A level standard and the Professional Higher Diploma in Law is degree level.


In addition to passing the Professional Higher Diploma in Law students need to work in a solicitors' office or other legal organisation for at least five years.


Once all the qualifications have been achieved the student becomes a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives.


To go on to become a solicitor the Law Society's Legal Practice Course must then be passed.


Legal Executives tend to specialise in the more straightforward areas of the law and have some rights of audience. They can handle paperwork dealing with property transactions, drafting wills, company formation and providing straightforward legal advice.


The work they do is charged to clients on an hourly basis and as such they are fee earners for the firm of solicitors they work for. The firms' partners are responsible for the work carried out by the legal executives.


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