Legal services complaints commissioner

The commissioner was able to investigate and make recommendations about complaints against solicitors. This post is now closed.

The Access to Justice Act 1999 gave the Lord Chancellor the power to appoint a Legal Services Complaints Commissioner.  This was done in 2003 mostly due to the continuing problem with the Law Society’s handling of complaints against solicitors.

The Legal Service Complaints Commissioner had the right to investigate and make recommendations about the handling of complaints.  They could also set targets for complaints; a fine could be issued if the target was not reached.

The Office of the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner closed on 6th October 2010. Its functions have passed to the Office for Legal Complaints which is the Board of the Legal Ombudsman. It is responsible for establishing the Legal Ombudsman scheme, creating its rules and overseeing its performance.

Office for Legal Complaints - The Legal Services Board

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