Multi track

The multi-track is generally for claims in excess of £25,000.

Civil cases are allocated to one of three case management tracks. How they are allocated depends on;

  • the financial value of the case;
  • issues of law involved in the case;
  • and the estimated length of the case.

The three case management tracks are;

The multi- track will consider cases of value over £25,000. The procedures are similar to those in the fast track and it is usually the person who loses who has to pay the winner’s costs. The procedure for multi-track cases is managed by a judge who will issue instructions or 'directions' according to the needs of the case. There may be one or sometimes more case management conferences held when the judge will look at the progress of the case and give directions for anything else which needs to be done. These directions will include dates when certain paperwork must be provided. Paperwork the court will ask for will include:

Disclosures - when each party is required to disclose any relevant documents to the other party. The list of documents can be inspected and copies requested if relevant.

Witness Statements - documents recording the evidence of someone and which is signed by that person to confirm that the statement is true. It provides written evidence to support a  case and if necessary it will be used as evidence in court.

Listing questionnaires - this asks for information to help the court fix a trial date and estimate how long it is likely to last. In some cases a pre-trial review will be held so that the judge can look at the timetable for the hearing and decide in which order evidence is given, the content of the papers which will be required in court, the trial bundle, and how long the trial is likely to take.

The claim will be heard by a judge in public, at the end of the hearing the judge will give his decision. He may assess the costs on the day or he may ask for a detailed assessment of the costs.

Legal representation is advisable in the fast and multi-track or you can choose to have a 'McKenzie friend' a name referring to a layman who can sit with a 'litigant in person' to help him conduct the case.

The Multi-track



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