Prima facie

A latin phrase meaning 'first sight'.

A Latin phrase meaning 'First sight' or, 'on the face of it'.

Prima Facie evidence is evidence that would be considered sufficient to prove a case unless disproved - if there is no Prima Facie evidence that can be offered then the case may be dismissed.

Prima Facie evidence does not have to be definitive or undeniable when making a case. The aim is to prevent charges being made which have no evidence to back them up and which would waste time for the court and the other parties.

In law this device is often used to ascertain that if a certain set of facts can be proved then another fact is established prima facie.  For instance if you have proof that a letter has been posted this is said to be prima facie proof that it was delivered to the addressee and a court will accept this as proof unless it can be proved otherwise.

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