This refers to the person who makes the promise.

The term promisor is used to describe the person who has made the promise. The consideration must move from, that is to say must be provided by, the promisee, but need not necessarily move to the promisor. Traditionally there is a requirement that the party suing on a contract is the promisee and that he has given consideration for it.

For example David (the promisor) promises to mow the lawn for Derek (the promisee). This promise becomes enforceable as a contract by Derek, the promisee, as he has promised to pay David £10 (provided consideration) thus changing the promise into a binding contract and the promisee will be bound to pay the £10 when the lawn is mown.

Section 1(7) of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 describes the promisor as  'the party to the contract against whom the term is enforceable by the third party,'

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