Report stage

The report stage is about the committee reporting back to the house on any amendments that have been put forward and approved.

At the Committee Stage it is quite possible that amendments to clauses in the Bill have been voted upon and approved.  The Report Stage is one of the stages in Parliament and is about the Committee reporting back to the House on any amendments that have been put forward and approved.

Therefore the  report stage is the stage in a passage of a Bill when it is returned to the House after its Committee Stage. The whole House, either the House of Commons or the House of Lords, reviews the amended form of the Bill. It is important that members are familiar with any amendments that have been made to the Bill as it may differ substantially from its original form. 

The Report Stage provides an opportunity for reconsideration and decision on the wording and working of the Bill during the Committee Stage.  It is also possible for further amendments to be proposed.

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Report stage (Commons) - UK Parliament

Report stage (Lords) - UK Parliament


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