Summing up

At the end of the trial and once all the evidence has been presented the trial judge assists the jury by summing up the evidence.

Towards the end of the trial and, once all the evidence has been presented by both sides, it is the job of the trial judge to assist the jury in their task by summing up the evidence and directing them as to what the law is. This means reminding the jury of the relevant and material evidence and helping them to understand what the law says about the offence in question.

After the summing up, the jury are put in the hands of a jury bailiff who is sworn in as to their duties by the trial judge. 

The jury leaves the court and must retire to a jury room where they are required to deliberate and come to a decision as to whether the defendant is guilty or not.  The jury will deliberate in private.

Summing up - a judge's perspective - Nic Madge

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