Superior judges

There are important differences between superior judges and inferior judges.

The differences between superior judges and inferior judges relate to their qualification, selection and appointment and the subsequent work they do.

Superior judges are those judges who are entitled to sit in the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords.

Inferior judges are those judges who sit in courts below the level of the High Court. 

These consist of circuit judges who may sit in both the Crown Court and the County Court. 

Recorders who sit as part time judges in the Crown Court but who may also sit in the County Court.

District judges who deal with small claims and other matters in the County Court.  District judges (Magistrates Courts) who hear cases in the Magistrates Courts in the place of the Magistrate in London and other large towns and cities where larger volumes of work are involved. 

Finally there are chairmen of administrative tribunals which are not actually courts as such but who are required to deal with cases in a judicious manner.

For further information generally about judges and the work they do go to: Judiciary of England and Wales website

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