Ten rillington place

Sir ludovic kennedy's famous book detailing his investigative work into the wrongful conviction and hanging of timothy evans in 1949.

Timothy Evans was hanged for the murder of his wife and baby daughter in a nightmare scenario. This is an account of all that took place in the house in Ladbroke Grove, London, of the lives of those who lived there and the events that were to lead to a miscarriage of justice. Timothy Evans and his wife Beryl moved into lodgings in the home of John Christie, and within a short space of time the lives of the young couple were brutally shattered and destroyed by their landlord - who had murdered before.
Events simply overtook Evans, a van driver for a local firm, and who was of below average intelligence, ill-educated and illiterate. He was arrested and executed while the real murderer, Christie, went free. It was only when Herbert Wolfe, a northern industrialist and his friend, Harold Evans, then editor of the "Northern Echo", and later of the "Sunday Times", began mounting a campaign, that an enquiry into the case was finally undertaken. It took 13 years for officialdom to admit that it had been wrong, and in October 1966, on the recommendation of the Home Secretary Roy Jenkins, the Queen gave Timothy Evans a free pardon.

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