White paper

This is part of the pre-legislative process and sets out the government's detailed proposals for new legislation.

This is a document which the government produces and which sets out its policy on particular areas, it provides an opportunity for the Government to gather together ideas and feedback before the policies are presented as a Bill. The White Paper will provide the basis for a Bill to go before Parliament and is often the result of proposals arising from the Green Paper. It is the last stage before the proposed changes go before Parliament in the form of a Bill.

A White Paper will be issued after consideration has been given to any representations which the Government received in respect of the Green Paper. The White Paper will be introduced to the House by the Secretary of State responsible for the government department to which it relates. Michael Gove the Education Secretary, introduced the White Paper on Education, the importance of teaching, in November 2010.

For further information about the consultation process go to Parliament.

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Green Paper

What is a Green Paper? | Care and support reform | guardian.co.uk 

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