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Here you will be able to navigate the entire selection of legal definitions from actual bodily harm (abh) to zander, michael.

Habeas Corpus - A latin phrase meaning 'produce the body'.

Hansard (Official Report) - Hansard is the official report of the proceedings of parliament.

Harassment - Refers to conduct which causes ‘alarm and distress’.

Heads Of Division And Court Of Appeal Judges - The judges sitting in the court of appeal consist of the heads of division as well as the lords justices of appeal.

High Court - The high court has the power to deal with any civil case.

High Court Judge - High court judges, as the name suggests, sit in the high court.

Hm Land Registry - Organisation responsible for recording the identity & ownership of registered land.

Honest Opinion - Under section 3 of the defamation act 2013 this is now a defence to an action for defamation.

Hybrid Bills - A hybrid bill is a type of public bill.