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Ratio Decidendi - The legal principles behind the court's decision.

Re-Engagement - Put simply this means that the employee must be taken back on terms comparable with those that he or she enjoyed prior to dismissal.

Rebuttal - Contract Law - Rebuttal means that it is expected the presumption is not true.

Recess - The periods when parliament does not sit are known as recesses.

Reckless Manslaughter - Reckless manslaughter is one of three different ways of committing the offence of involuntary manslaughter.

Recklessness - Recklessness is the taking of a risk which can not be justified.

Recognised Sole Practitioner - A solicitor who is authorised (by endorsement of the solicitor's practising certificate) to practise as a sole practitioner.

Redemption - The discharge of a mortgage.

Registered Company - A company registered under the companies act 1985.

Registered Land - Land which is registered at hm land registry

Regulations - Regulations are 'directly applicable' and have direct effect both vertically and horizontally.

Reinstatement - Put simply this means that the employer must take the employee back in the same job.

Rejection Of Offer - An offer will end when the offeree rejects it.

Remainder Man - This is a term used in wills and probate matters.

Report Stage - The report stage is about the committee reporting back to the house on any amendments that have been put forward and approved.

Res Ipsa Loquitur - The principle of res ipsa loquitur when translated means 'the thing or the happening speaks for itself.'

Res Judicata - A latin phrase meaning 'a thing ajudged'

Residue/Residuary Estate - What is left of an estate after paying out expenses and other gifts and specific legacies.

Respondent - The respondent is the defending party.

Restraint Of Trade - The interruption of the free movement of goods in commerce.

Restrictive Covenant - A restrictive covenant can "run with the land" (ie. A future owner will be subject to the restriction) in equity.

Result Crimes - The components of a criminal offence are the actus reus and the mens rea.

Reversing - This arises where a court higher up the hierarchy overturns or reverses the judgment of a lower court on appeal.

Revocation Clause - Clause revoking all previous wills.

Revocation Of Offer - An offer can be withdrawn or revoked any time up until it is accepted.

Riot - Riot is an indictable offence and carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.

Robbery - The offence of robbery is defined under the theft act 1968 section 8.

Royal Assent - This is the final stage where the monarch formally gives approval to the bill and it is at this stage that it becomes an act of parliament.