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Warranty - A warranty is a promise or assurance given in contract by a party to the other party to the contract.

Wash-Up - The period of time when unfinished parliamentary business must be dealt with after an election is announced.

Whips - Whips are mps or members of the lords appointed by each party to maintain discipline.

White Paper - This is part of the pre-legislative process and sets out the government's detailed proposals for new legislation.

Will - A person’s express intentions for disposing of their estate when they die.

Winding Up Estate - This refers to the personal representatives duties as executor/administrator when dealing with the estate.

Without Prejudice - A legal representative will commonly send a letter 'without prejudice'.

Witness - A witness to an incident or event.

Witnesses To A Will - A valid will must be signed by the testator/testatrix (person making the will) in the presence of two witnesses.

Writ - This is an official court document, signed by a judge or bearing an official court seal.

Written Warning - Written warnings are usually reserved for more serious misconduct or repeated misconduct.

Wrongful Dismissal - Wrongful dismissal is a common law action.