Employment Law In Context: An Introduction For Hr Professionals (Paperback)

[Brian Willey] | 624 pages.

Published by Longman on 22 March 2012.

From the Back Cover

“…an excellent text for undergraduate and postgraduate HR students. The law is covered in appropriate depth and in a practical way. The exercises, activities and glossary are all very useful.” Dr Roger Welch, University of Portsmouth

“A comprehensive, practical and commercially relevant text, which is up to date, clearly structured and supports the student through the learning process…an excellent textbook” Christopher Hull, St Mary's University College, Twickenham.

Are you studying employment law as part of an HR qualification? Then Employment Law in Context is the perfect guide to the legal principles that you are likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis as an HR professional. Written by experienced HR practitioners and covering all aspects of the employment relationship from beginning to end, the book also provides invaluable guidance on how to apply the legal principles across a range of practical workplace scenarios.

Fully up to date with all of the latest legal developments in this area, most importantly the Equality Act 2010, the book also contains a variety of features to support you in your study including:

  • Extended case studies, supported by realistic online ‘HR documentation’.
  • Practical exercises and activities.
  • Exhibit boxes to illustrate key cases, legal principles, official guidance and statistics.
  • Further reading and useful website suggestions.
  • A glossary to shed light on unfamiliar legal terms.

Brian Willey is a Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Business and Law at Kingston University. He is involved in the delivery of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development employment law programmes.

Visit www.mylawchamber.co.uk/willey to access a wealth of resources to support your studies and teaching.

Self-study resources:

  • Case study documentation
  • Interactive multiple choice questions
  • Practice exam questions with guidance
  • A dedicated chapter on collective employment law
  • Weblinks
  • Glossary
  • Glossary flashcards
  • Legal updates

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