Outline the law relating to the communication and revocation of offers.

It is said that a contract is formed with the acceptance of an offer. The point at which a contract is formed may be important for many reasons, but not everything that is communicated to us amounts to an offer. So what amounts to a valid offer?

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This essay looks at what amounts to a valid offer and how it is communicated and how and when it can be revoked or withdrawn.

The essay refers to the following cases:

Taylor v Laird (1856);

Inland Revenue Commissioners v Fry (2001);

Foakes v Beer (1884);

Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co (1893);

Guthing v Lynn (1831);

Routledge v Grant (1828);

Payne v Cave (1789);

Byrne v Tienhoven (1880);

Dickinson v Dodds (1876); 

Errington v Errington and Woods (1951):

As always the essay lends itself to further research and development according to individual needs.

Carlill -v- The Carbolic Smoke Ball Company YouTube

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