Describe the custodial, community and other sentences available for young offenders.

Most young people live crime-free lives. For those who do commit a crime, there is a range of options available, to the courts and the police, to impose on these young offenders.

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The range of custodial, community and other sentences available to the courts under the Criminal Justice Act 2003 is described in this essay.

In many instances the options depend upon the age of the offender.  The options described include:

  • custodial sentences for young offenders;
  • detention for young offenders;
  • Young Offenders' Institutions;
  • the use of Detention and Training Orders;
  • the use of community sentences and linking to other sentencing requirements including supervision and curfew;
  • a special range of community orders for young offenders including Action Plan Orders;
  • Fines and Criminal Behaviour Orders which have replaced ASBOs;
  • Discharges, reprimands and warnings.

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