Discuss whether or not the most appropriate people are chosen as judges

Before discussing whether or not the most appropriate people are chosen as judges, it might be worth considering, in a general way at least, the work they do. Collectively judges are referred to as the judiciary.

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This essay is about judges and the issue of whether the right people are chosen for the job, in it we discuss the nature of the work of judges; impartiality and non-bias;

The essay mentions the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 and the fact that qualification is now a matter of statutory provision; it also impacts upon the selection process; social mix and background of the judiciary.

The matter of experience and advocacy skills in the various courts is discussed; working with clients; familiarity with court procedures; working with other professionals etc;

The matter of criticisms is also covered such as still 'establishment minded'; male dominated; issues relating to ethnic minorities; issues concerning social and education background i.e. elitist;

The essay closes with a discussion about career options where decisions to become a judge are made earlier.






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