Explain and illustrate the tort of false imprisonment

The tort of false imprisonment can be defined as the intentional and total restraint on the liberty of the claimant.

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This essay explains and illustrates the tort of false imprisonment.

The work starts by defining the tort and then goes on to consider each element of the tort.

The elements of total restraint and imprisonment are considered as well as a number of defences.

The essay refers to a range of relevant cases and these include: Bird v Jones ( 1845); Wright v Wilson (1699); Austin v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis (2009); Meering v Grahame-White Aviation (1920); Murray v Ministry of Defence (1988); Robinson v Balmain New Ferry Co (1910); Sunbolf v Alford (1838); Christie v Leachinsky (1947) and Treadaway v Chief Constable of the West Midlands (1994).

The essay will be of help to anyone who needs to produce an essay which explains and illustrates the tort of false imprisonment. 

As always the work can be personalised to suit your particular needs and can be developed and extended as required.

(Word Count 1290)

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