Explain how the courts have developed the rules on the duty owed by an occupier to trespassers to his land under the occupiers liability act 1984.

The Occupiers' Liability Act 1984 is an Act of Parliament that covers occupiers' liability for trespassers.

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This essay looks at The Occupiers Liability Act 1984 and why it was introduced. Cases examined are:


British Railways Board v Herrington (1972);

Addie & Sons (Colliers) Ltd v Dumbreck (1929);

Bird v Holbrook (1825);

Clayton v Deane (1817);

Addie & Sons (Colliers) Ltd v Dumbreck (1929);

Higgs v Foster t/a Avalon Coaches (2004);

Rhind v Astbury Water Park (2004);

Tomlinson v Congleton Borough Council (2003);

Donoghue V Folkestone Properties (2003);

Westwood v The Post Office (1973);

Sylvester v Chapman (1935);

Titchener v British Rail (1983);

Scott & Swainger v Associated British Ports (2000);

Section 1 (3) of the 1984 Act is examined in detail.

The links provided will encourage you to do further research into the area to enhance your knowledge and understanding of this area.



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