Explain and illustrate the origins of liability for negligent misstatement.

The 'boom and bust' years of the 1980s were associated with the growth of the property and financial markets and this in turn led to an increase in the amount of litigation involving professionals such as surveyors and accountants.

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This essay explains at some length how the law  in this area developed, and that initially claims were for physical loss and damage.

The work takes the reader through such leading cases as Derry v Peek (1889);Candler v Crane, Christmas & Co (1951); Hedley Byrne v Heller & Partners Ltd; Howard Marine and Dredging Co Ltd v A Ogden & Sons (Excavations) Ltd (1978); Chaudry v Prabhaker (1988)and Caparo v Dickman (1990) and its 'three-fold test' and others.

The strong views put forward by Lord Denning are referred to as well as the reasoning behind the courts slow and measured approach to the subject generally.

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