Explain the rules on acceptance and revocation of unilateral offers.

Ordinarily a unilateral offer is an offer that may be open to acceptance by more than one person and that acceptance may be demonstrated by the completion of certain criteria or conduct.

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This essay discusses the famous case of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co (1893) and looks at the judgement obtained in Blackpool & Fylde Aero Club v Blackpool Borough Council (1990).

The situation regarding referential bids is dealt with and reference is made to Harvela Investments Ltd v. Royal Trust of Canada (CI) Ltd (1986). A note is also made of the impact of protection schemes on consumers.

The essay goes on to look at what is needed in terms of acceptance of an offer and in terms of revocation of an offer.

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Carlill -v- The Carbolic Smoke Ball Company YouTube