Tom has been charged with criminal damage to the value of £10,000 at a children's playground. Identify in which courts tom could be tried and discuss the advantages and disadvantages there are for him to be tried in each court.

Given the opportunity, after the Mode of Trial hearing, of being able to choose between the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court, Tom must carefully consider the options he has.

Grade: A-C | £2.99.

The merits and disadvantages of both the Magistrates' Court and the Crown Court dealing with the offence are discussed.

The matters raised include:

  • the jurisdiction of the courts in criminal cases;
  • the matter of summary, either way and indictable offences;
  • length of time before trial;
  • conviction rates;
  • the issue of accessibility;
  • media coverage and attention; legal funding;
  • sentencing differences and options;
  • time spent on remand.

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