What is meant by a break in the chain of causation

The concept of causation is based upon the elements which go to make up criminal offences. Namely that there must be an actus reus or guilty act and the necessary state of mind or mens rea.

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This essay is about the concept of causation and what happens if there is a break in the chain of causation.

Readers of the essay will be reminded of the principles of actus reus; it includes all the circumstances surrounding the commission of the offence including conduct, results or consequences or states of affairs.

A break in the chain of causation is explained and this includes: the principle of a new intervening act or 'novus actus interveniens' and the importance to the jury and the victim; the essay refers to the concept of 'blameworthiness'.

The work distinguishes the case of R v Jordan from that of R v Smith.



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